Traveling abroad?

Traveling abroad? Check this first!

While traveling abroad, please go through the below checklist. 

  1. Your Passport expiry should not be within six months of return to India travel date.
  2. You have confirmed onward and return air tickets
  3. Reconfirm your departure time frequently after booking. Airlines may change their timings and you may miss an alert by them via email / sms. 
  4. Carefully double check visa rules of the host country. Do not rely on any unconfirmed information related to Visa.
  5. If you are transiting through a third country, check the transit visa rules of that country. Ignoring transit visa rules may cause your deboarding at Indian departure airport itself.
  6. If you are going for a short vacation and staying at Hotels / villas, get your booking confirmation numbers from your travel booking agent in advance. 
  7. Recheck your meal plans and room categories at all properties
  8. We highly recommend pre-booking of your activities and transfers, as you are visiting an unknown terrain. 
  9. Carefully reconfirm covid protocols in the host country, if any before you start traveling
  10. Travel insurance in some countries can be optional and mandatory in some countries but we strongly advise you to get your travel insurance issued. 
  11. You can buy a sim card locally upon arrival at your destination. It will be cheaper than buying it in India.
  12. Consult your travel agent and get an estimate of the amount required for local expenses not included in the pre-booked package cost. Carry sufficient foreign exchange in cash / prepaid card 
  13. Do not rely 100% on prepaid / credit cards. You must carry sufficient hard cash for emergency times.
  14. Get information from your travel agent about Indian restaurants at your destinations. Book your stay in the area where, Indian restaurants are easily accessible.